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CANDIDATES MEETING: Preparing for Success - 2nd European assessment of Occupational Medicine

On June 22, at 08:00 pm (Portuguese time - 09:00 pm in Central European countries), the Portuguese Society for Occupational Medicine (SPMT) will hold a webinar/online meeting open to all candidates and people interested in the 2nd European Exam of Occupational Medicine of UEMS (European Union of Medical Specialists). This meeting intends to promote contact between candidates and to be a space for sharing information and clarifying any doubts regarding the exam (scheduled for August 30, 2021). The webinar will feature the important contributions from Dr. Pedro Gustavo Reis, Portuguese representative of the Specialty College of Occupational Medicine of the Portuguese Medical Association in the Occupational Medicine Section of UEMS, and Dr. Tiago Oliveira, elected member of the Board of Directors of SPMT and participant in the first edition of this exam, who will share his successful experience. The moderation will be in charge of Dr. Jorge Barroso Dias, president of SPMT. This session is integrated in some initiatives that SPMT is organizing with the aim of motivating and supporting candidates for the 2nd European Occupational Medicine Exam at UEMS. On June 8th, an initial webinar was held in which Dr. João Grenho, Secretary General of UEMS and Prof. Alenka Škerjanc, President of the Occupational Medicine Section of UEMS, participated, where important information about the preparation was shared. for this exam (session available HERE).

To participate in this webinar sign up, for free, at the following link:


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